Why Flange Guards Are Highly Recommended By The Insurance Companies

Flange Guards are mainly used to protect Flange Guards the man and material of an industry from the damage that may occur because of sudden and uncontrollable spray outs from a failing flange joint. These are most probably recognized as flange covers, diapers, or flange protectors and safety shields, etc. These are made of PTFE, polypropylene, PVC, polyethylene, and stainless steel material, which increase its efficiency to maintain a hold on the spray outs till the isolation of the pipe.

It is mostly installed in the pipe joints, valves, and flanges to avoid the situation of spray outs. Industries like Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Power Generation, Food and Beverage manufacturing units etc. are used these flange guards. It’s because, in these industries hundred of chemical used in various applications constantly and therefore, protection in such industries is a must. These may have the capability to handle heavy pressure and temperature of a hazardous chemical.

In its design, a PH indication patch is installed, which helps to give an advanced indication of any leakage that helps to reduce the chances of any loss. These are based on cutting-edge technology and can be available with UV, water, and air resistance feature. It can be tailored as per the need of the industry. In a nutshell, its main purpose is to give protection from any damage and by the help of these flange guards; your industry protects themselves from a huge loss. Therefore, it is highly recommended by the insurance companies.

It’s because if your industry stuck in any such situation because of the absence of these flange guards, so, sometimes, you will never get the complete claim on your insurance and can even damage your production unit and manpower more than you have imagined. These aren’t stopping the spray outs, but yes, give an advanced indication so that necessary actions can be taken timely. Therefore, every insurance company recommended installing high-quality flange guards in the pipe joints because it reduces the risk of operator and plant damage as well.

For now, you don’t have any doubt regarding this product. So, what are you waiting for? Install it now because it’s better to take prevention than regretting after the damage. It is a perfect solution to overcome all such problems and you should give it a try. Buy it now from your nearest Flange Guards manufacturers and ensure the safety of your industry before it’s too late.

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